Volunteering with elderly people

Volunteering with elderly people doesn’t require anything special – we need you just as you as are. Habitants and customers of senior centres, service centres and elderly homes need help in going out as well as other daily activities. If you can sing, play or perform in one way or other, all kinds of entertainment and cultural activities are welcome. Tell us your ideas!

You can volunteer flexibly according to your own schedule.

Our customers are mainly senior citizens, but also others who need help in their daily life. We welcome volunteers, who are curious and interested in meeting new people, and who have the right attitude to be present in the moment.

You can volunteer in following units in English or if you’re only learning Finnish.

Full list of units in elderly services Units of elderly services


Kamppi service center

Volunteering in Kamppi service center Link to Kamppi service center website

Salomonkatu 21 B,  Ari Liimatainen, ari.liimatainen@hel.fi 09 31073865 & Susanna Vilén, susanna.vilen@hel.fi 09 31044529

Volunteers help in the restaurant or manage our coffee place and cloak room. They work as guides, trip organisers and give health counceling. Volunteers can also organise different activities and discussion groups. Our activities are mainly from Monday to Friday from 8 .00 to 16.00, but some activities can happen on evenings from Monday to Thursday.

You can volunteer in Finnish, Swedish or English.

We aim to increase inclusion and communality as well as maintain ability to function through volunteering activities.


Kontula senior centre

Kontula senior centre Link

Kontukuja 5, Sharmin Afrose, sharmin.afrose@hel.fi , (09) 31046505

At Kontula senior centre volunteers can participate in many ways! We have, for example, different groups where you participate or be the groupleader. We organise different events and concerts. Volunteers can guide exercise groups independently or with a staff member. Our residents are happy to have company for going out or having a conversation. We also welcome pets for visits. Let us know, if you have any new ideas!

Some of our tasks are great for learning Finnish. In multicultural groups Dari, Farsi, Somali, Russian, Estonian and other languages are useful.

Volunteers are introduced to the activities at the start.


Roihuvuori senior centre

Roihuvuori senior centre website Link to Roihuvuori senior centre website

Punahilkantie 16, Katariina Muhli (09) 310 46925 katariina.muhli@hel.fi  tai                                      Emma Paju-Torvalds, emma.paju-torvalds@hel.fi

Volunteers can help our residents and accompany them to events such as dancing, sing-along, art exhibitions, trips or going out. Volunteers can join us also on evening and weekends. Our aim to is provide meaningful activities in daily life, both for volunteers and for our residents.

Volunteers are introduced to the activities at the start.

Let us know, if you have any special skills, such crafts or performing!


According to your own schedule


Senior services around Helsinki


Come as you are!