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Volunteer activities provide meaningful ways of spending time and having memorable experiences. Volunteering will help you meet new people outside your ordinary circle of friends and create unforgettable moments.

We offer plenty of activities that you do not need to commit to in the long term, and which you can participate in when you can and feel like it.

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Join us! We have listed volunteering events and peer support activities organised by the City of Helsinki, as well as organisations and other parties.

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Volunteers are doing invaluable work for the good of other people and the City. By volunteering some of your time, skills and support, you can do some good and make the week for someone who needs help.

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Ambassador of well-being

You do not need magic skills, superpowers or a degree from a top university to become a volunteer. You may play an important part in someone’s life and being there for them and supporting them may feel like the work of a superhero to our customers.

By giving some of your time you may become an ambassador of well-being.


gardening enthusiast

”As a volunteer, I feel like part of the city and a citizen.”

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volunteer at a service house

”To make someone happy also makes me happy.”

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animal lover

”I like volunteering because, I have found new friends here and I like being around animals.”

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amateur archaeologist

“It is very rewarding to see the results of your own handiwork.”

Watch Kyllikki's story (video)

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