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Volunteer activities

Volunteers are doing invaluable work for the good of other people and the City. By volunteering some of your time, skills and support, you can do some good and make the week for someone who needs help. For example, as a park pal, you have the chance to spend time outdoors and take care of the environment – and your handiwork can be seen around town. You can make an excellent volunteer.

See the list of tasks to find out which activities are available in Swedish or English.

Volunteering is a way of increasing participation in Helsinki. The City of Helsinki’s Participation and Interaction Model seeks to promote resident know-how and knowledge. Building a better Helsinki together – with as many diverse voices represented as possible – is one of the city’s main priorities.

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Volunteer your expertise and learn new things!

As a volunteer, you can create meaningful relationships and play a major role in someone else’s life by volunteering at a senior centre, participating in a peer support group or becoming an expert by experience, for example.

There are dozens of different tasks, and anyone can find the right fit for their interests and schedule. Activities are available throughout the City, meaning that you will not have to travel very far to participate.

You do not need magic skills, superpowers or a degree from a top university to become a volunteer. Being there for someone, supporting them, rooting for them and keeping them company may feel like the work of a superhero to our customers.

All you need to volunteer is a bit of enthusiasm and two helping hands. Even though special skills are not a requirement, it does not mean that they are not useful. Various performance and handcraft skills can be put to use in many types of activities, or you can have the chance to teach or entertain others. Many places, such as senior centres, community centres and youth centres offer chances to fulfil yourself and brainstorm activities. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas!

Volunteering is an excellent chance to learn new things and get to know people. You can discover new sides to yourself or strengthen skills that you have overlooked.

Sounds great – how can I join?

We offer many types of volunteer activities.
Learn more about the tasks and find the best fit for you.

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Skills and experience for working life

We want to encourage different people from different backgrounds to become part of society and the urban community.

Volunteer activities build confidence and self-knowledge. Volunteering will provide you with skills needed in working life, and it is a good way to demonstrate that you are responsible, committed in the long term and conscientious.


You can have a certificate of volunteer activities and the related training, and instructors may provide you recommendations when you are looking for a job. You could even discover your future career through volunteering!

We value the right attitude and enthusiasm over language proficiency. Volunteer activities are a good way to learn more about Finnish society. Many places always welcome helping hands, and you can learn Finnish as you go. Volunteering may provide immigrants with useful abilities in moving on to working life.

What we offer volunteers:

  • interesting meaningful tasks
  • content for their lives and new perspectives
  • opportunities to participate and be part of the City
  • the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their expertise
  • chances to meet new people
  • familiarisation, refreshment and additional training, when necessary
  • experiences of joy and success.

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”Volunteering makes you feel needed and lends some significance and strength to your life. Volunteering is a win-win situation.”

– a volunteer in Kontula seniori centre

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