Community centres

Community centres act as living rooms and meeting facilities of the residents. The main objective is to bring well-being and prevent loneliness of the residents. You may participate in various groups and happenings.

They are a place for reading the newspaper or browsing the Internet and they also act as a teaching facility, resident café and a general information centre of the area. Community centres are suitable as meeting and club premises for different groups. Social Instructors offer guidance in social services.

The services are free of charge for the customers. Remuneration may only be charged for renting the facilities, the materials and other costs related to providing the services.

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Southern Helsinki

Betania Link to Betania's website

Perämiehenkatu 13, Punavuori

Kumppanuustalo Hanna Link to kumppanuustalo Hannan website

Sturenkatu 12, Alppila

Northern Helsinki

Oulunkylän seurahuone Link to Oulunkylän seurahuone website

Larin Kyöstin tie 7

Saunabaari Link to Saunabaari's website

Metsäpurontie 25

Malmin toimintakeskus Link to Malmin toimintakeskus' website

Kirkonkyläntie 2

Pihlajamäen lähiöasema Link to Pihlajamäen lähiöasema's website

Liusketie 3 A

Eastern Helsinki

Kontulan lähiöasema Link to Kontulan lähiöasema website

Keinulaudankuja 4 C

Vuosaaren lähiöasema Link to Vuosaaren lähiöasema website

Mustalahdentie 10

Western Helsinki

Asukastila Hopeala Link to Asukastila Hopeala website

Hopeatie 6, 1st floor

Kamppi chapel Link to Kamppi chapel website

Simonkatu 7