OmaStadi -volunteer

OmaStadi is Helsinki’s way of implementing participatory budgeting. This means that residents can put forward their proposals to improve the city and then vote on these proposals. Helsinki allocates 8.8 million € to implement the proposals that receive the most votes. OmaStad voting will be organized phase in February 28 to March 17.

We are looking for new volunteers to take part in OmaStadi voting phase!
As an OmaStadi volunteer, you can e.g:
• be involved in OmaStadi events organized by the city
• share information and material about OmaStadi your own residential area and on social media
• support and inspire other residents to vote in OmaStadi

Registering and info sessions
As an OmaStadi volunteer, you will receive a comprehensive orientation and you are insured for the duration of the OmaStadi sponsorship. In addition, you will receive a special thank you from Helsinki.

When registering as an OmaStadi-volunteer you commit to participate in one of the info sessions below.

  • Tuesday 13th of February at 5-7 pm at City Hall. Snacks and coffee will be served.
  • Thursday 15th of February at 2-3 pm via Teams.

Please register here to become a OmaStadi volunteer (at the latest Friday 2nd of February 2024).


OmaStad voting will be organized phase in February 28 to March 17.

Additional information:

More information: or Borough Liaison Gritten Naams, puh. 041 5121 734.